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Various tools for viewing, listening, audio and video content, as well as various processing tools.

It's amazing. I spent half the evening trying to find a way to quickly and easily clean the place by removing duplicate videos. Taking the backup of 2 devices inevitably there are duplicate videos, and given the fact that it is still "flies to the cloud" task of cleaning up the occupied space increases. The strangest thing about all this is that the Internet is full of articles, apparently written by the same people or copied under a carbon copy. They all advertise great, "shareware" programs that do absolutely nothing. Just "zero attention kilo of contempt." On this strongly and categorically do not recommend that you pay for such programs, there is no point in it, even if you are in the free version can not understand how it works. Of the five found me, only one showed 9 videos, but "hung tightly":).

Of course, you can write "your bike" at the beginning and I went this way. I built checksums and now I just had to compare a certain number of files in a certain number of directories and at the same time be able to view and compare the "eyes" that we delete. Here we are rescued and the following program.

And so today I want to tell or remind you about the wonderful editor of audio files. If you need to create your own track and you are ready to understand a little bit about how it is. then this tool is for you. I will not say that this is the easiest tool, it can be ascetically simple, free, but its main functions does at a good level. They're the ones I use to pull all my answering machine records. He is not very demanding of resources, and helps out a lot. You can collect a simple ringtone. Something I'm doing all the talking. This program is called Audacity.

You can download the latest version and plugins for it from the official download page.

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