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As you know, "appetite comes during a meal" and also "any work should be paid." So it turns out that a lot of carry out consultations by phone, email and so on, may this page facilitate the search for a solution how to thank :) :
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Elegant and as always not obvious problems:

"this error probably occurred due to a missing or corrupted outlprnt file"

or when you suddenly stopped printing in Microsoft Outlook exclusively. It is observed in MS Office 2016, MS Office 365, and I think in MS Office 2019, they are all similar sister cities.

The reasons for the error are unclear, but most likely an incorrect shutdown. And here is what helps to fix this error.

We find the outlprnt file, usually it is located in the user profile:


and rename it, since it initially goes without permission, then I just added it at the end .bak

After all this, we overload the PC. And we enjoy the opportunity to print.

The one who uses VPN clients, and such in our country every day more and more know. There is such a problem as not compatibility of the Cisco Vpn Client and Microsoft Windows 10. It was on this version that they met and did not become friends. This problem can be solved if you install the Shrew Soft VPN Client and forget it as a bad dream. But there are cases when the latter also fails. For some inexplicable reason, the Shrew Soft VPN Client does not work on some machines, the connection is established, but the tunnel itself does not rise. If this is your case, then you have come to the right place.

I had to remember an old Outlook error when closing the data file incorrectly .ost either .pst . Now this problem is not very common to me, but before when the systems were still 32-bit (x86) and antivirus programs were not so good and mail files often exceeded all possible limits. We often had to "save" mail because the archive of emails was only in the data file. Data files of 2 types:

  1. The PST data file is a local archive of the mail database. it is permanent and emails stored in this file are not required to be saved on the mail server.
  2. The OST data file is nothing more than the server's mail database cache. In other words, this file contains a cache of emails located on the mail server.(you can safely delete it if an error occurs)

And so basically you need to restore the PST file, for example, and let's look at what we should do in case of an error "the data file does not open".

невозможно открыть файл ost

Again, I want to share with you a good program. This time I had a task to transfer user data from Windows 7 to Windows 10, there is no direct and official transfer. And to use the console utility, it seemed to me somehow not right and too strange. In search of solutions, how to move everything I came across a very useful and easy to use program. Traditionally, it is free to use, so feel free to go and download, use and Express the author of this lawlessness thank you :). Next will be pictures, for this it is necessary to go to the full version of the recording.

To be of interest to you:
Moved, desktop settings, Outlook, documents, Viber (though with the loss of the session :) ), WhatsUP had to download and put, of course all the documents.

PS from 2019/12/10: today transferred documents from Xp to Win10 the new account automatically did not turn out to create, and here in ready it is already easier, the problem in the name of folders "desktop" and "my documents" in Cyrillic, as it not translation as in the subsequent OS.

If you helped the article or information was useful. Gratitude should not know borders

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