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Long ago I had a material about that Wuauclt.exe — Keys (command line Parameters) are a great way to speed up the installation of updates in Windows 7(seven) , but this mechanism does not work in the current Windows 10. And there are cases when the only way to start the process is the command line(cmd). Here are a few magic commands that will help us to move the update process.

Open a command prompt with administrator rights. And choose the team "to taste."

UsoClient StartScan - check for updates
UsoClient StartDownload - starting download of updates
UsoClient StartInstall - start update installation
UsoClient RestartDevice - restart PC\Laptop\Tablet after installing updates
UsoClient ScanInstallWait - to check for, download, and install updates

Whether the process has started can be understood only by indirect signs, such as CPU utilization, growth of network card traffic and so on, after executing the command if there were no errors, then everything is fine. Only it is not necessary to access something critical, in the case of the mode selection restart.

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