Whatever you do, you do at your own risk. I can only recommend and do not claim 100% of the solution much depends on your environment and other settings. I can not guess. Addition of materials and fixing bugs is welcomed

Working with the console, unwittingly overgrown with a variety of records, in my case it is not less than 30 different services, with its own settings and tunings. Hand transfer from PC to PC is not our way. But it is possible, it seems at the moment it is the only option for me. While a direct migration from Windows to Linux\Android, I found and came up with, and I would like to merge and sync. Let's go.

The way to transfer from PC to PC from Windows to Windows is quite simple. You just need to export and then import the registry branch.


How you will do export import is your decision. I have it depends on my mood, it is possible by command in console bat file to create.

If you helped the article or information was useful. Gratitude should not know borders

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