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Actually for the last 2 days this program for an exchange of messages on the PC at me fell not less than one hundred times. I use it intensively, there are too many contacts there, of course I would like to switch to an alternative, but so far it is impossible. If you also often closes WhatsApp like me, then look how to overcome the constant restart and sudden shutdown. To be fair, the developers do not declare support for windows 7, but thank God do not prevent the use of its program on this operating system. Update from 2019-01-28.

When I got tired of falling every 5 minutes, and without any hints and forever hung process with maximum load in the system decided to look for. Surprisingly quickly found the answer on the forum 4PDA all appeared to banality simply. Disgusting running version of WhatsApp 0.3.1475 and I tried to change the bit from 32bit to 64bit is not saved the situation.

And download before reaching version of WhatsApp put 0.3.1409 and enjoy.

Download from Yandex.Disk WhatsApp PC 32x 0.3.1409

Download from Yandex.Disk WhatsApp PC 64x 0.3.1409

Until the next update. To prevent this from happening automatically, and this mechanism is incorporated in the launch of the program itself at each start to check for updates, you will have to work a little. Find the label, open its properties and see the following.

D:\\usr\\<username>\\AppData\\Local\\WhatsApp\\Update.exe --processStart WhatsApp.exe

In order that it was not updated, we give this way to a look:


I think that now you can use it until it stops working at all.

Update from 2019-01-28: Today I was ultimatum asked to update the version. Installed version Version 0.3.1847 and the same thing happened, began to fall. At the moment I was saved from a fall and disable all notifications and the sound and text, for how long, I don't know.

If you helped the article or information was useful. Gratitude should not know borders

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