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It's the end of the year and everyone is taking stock. I will not be very original and just tell you about a small but useful program. It will be useful to all those who at least once thought about what.

  1. You need to see the seconds in the clock;
  2. We need to know what time it is in UTC.

Alpha Clock is a useful lightweight watch

Precisely for decisions these 2kh issues I have and emerged reality a remarkable utility. Unfortunately, the original site is no longer there, so I put it from the archive in my collection.

  1. The program is very small memory eats little;
  2. Allows you to move the clock around the desktop and "sticks" to the edges;
  3. No installation required;
  4. Supported the startup.

Perfectly replaces any widgets, as it consumes a minimum of resources. The program is not fresh in 2002, which largely explains its minimal resource consumption:).

 download link

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