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  Today I want to tell you about a wonderful program that will help you comfortably work at night at the PC and then go to bed and sleep.
I tried different ways and adjustment of the monitor brightness and color, but all this manual methods and not the most effective. Today I want to tell you about a small, useful program. It's called f.Lux.

It is notable not only for the fact that it is like many others "removes" blue, it does it best. It can be adjusted to any lighting, from the brightest to the usual daytime, it can control the "smart lighting" and adjust all the light in the house. But the most important thing it uses for this, your location and if you specify your coordinates "approximate" changes will occur with the beginning of the sunset and it will be gradually, the eyes will get used to the rebuild, but it is very comfortable.


Download it on the official website of f.lux, without any registration.


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